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上海科学家研发防水耐火纸 有助纸质文物保存:亚博app买球安全

In January 2015, a fire in one of Russias largest university libraries damaged more than 1 million historical documents, an incident which some media described as a cultural Chernobyl.2015年1月,俄罗斯仅次于的大学图书馆之一再次发生了火灾,损毁了100多万本历史文献,一些媒体将这一事件叙述为“文化切尔诺贝利”。


Baidu Inc. Chief Executive Robin Li has joined the chorus of Chinese government advisers and banking executives calling for more regulation of the countrys quickly growing Internet finance industry.百度(Baidu Inc.)首席执行长李彦宏重新加入了中国政府顾问和银行业管理人士的行列,敦促强化对国内快速增长的互联网金融行业的监管。